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A man from Maharashtra uses a horse to transport everyday to work!

Petrol is something that has become a travel necessity for many people who especially have to drive to their workplace every single day. However,  this man came up with a very quick solution that is going viral on social media platforms. It is now witnessed by so many people. Nevertheless, we do not know whether everybody would like to actually implement the solution or not. However it is one of the most amazing things that you will find today. however it is for sure helping the man to reduce a lot of money which he used to spend on petrol. 

Transportation is a big issue and especially if you are going to take public transport the situation of freezing heavy traffic and field buses and trains is something that many people hate. This man works as a lab assistant at a local college. He stated that the mode of transport that he came up with actually works very well for him. Also after the logon he is using the same method every single day and not feeling any money on petrol. The issue in fuel prices in the last two years has become a huge issue for many people around the country. So in order to find a solution for this problem this Maharashtra man got inspired from an old way of living.

What is the solution?

 The Maharashtra man decided to have a horse as his mode of transport. When the lockdown was clamped during the coronavirus pandemic, the public transport came to a stop. So, Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad decided to buy  a horse. He also named the animal as Jigar. Now a short video clip shared by ANI is going very much viral on the internet. He is seen in the video riding the horse on busy streets. The horse alongside cars and motorcycles is surely a great scene to watch. 

“I bought it during the lockdown. My bike wasn’t functioning, petrol prices had gone up,” stated the man while speaking to agency ANI. He stated about the horse that he purchased it for Rs 40,000. Yusuf is a lab assistant at a local college. “It keeps one fit and healthy. Also, given the rise in fuel prices, horse as a mode of transport is a feasible option” . Yusuf said while speaking about his new way of transport. Talking about the viral video, it is now doing the rounds on the social media platforms and has gotten a lot of attention from the people. 

This is how social media reacts!

Many social media users were also left completely confused after watching the video clip. There are some people who also started talking about the feeling of time travel. It is what they were getting after watching the video. They were also the social media users who thought if maintenance of this animal was cost-effective for the man or not. Well, at the same time, there were also some social media users who thought that it was not right to use a horse. Especially as a mode of transport as some people dubbed it as “animal cruelty”. Well, others thought that he could’ve simply gone for a bicycle too.

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