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Devilman Crybaby Season 2: Everything we know about the Netflix anime!

Devilman crybaby, a very popular Japanese anime released by Netflix, is the show which is adapted from the manga named Devilman, which is written by Ichiro Okouchi. The anime show is produced by Aniplex and Dynamic Planning studios, and Mr Masaaki Yuasa is the director of the famous anime show. Devilman crybaby is indeed one of the most popular anime shows on Netflix, and it was announced in 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of Go Nagai as a creator. Netflix broadcasted this show worldwide on January 5, 2018, and from that day Devilman crybaby served as a Netflix original series. Devilman crybaby is the biggest anime project of Netflix and the leaks say that this show has the highest viewership count in the Netflix anime category. 

As this series is adapted from manga devilman, of course the storyline of the anime itself has a lot of changes, from which, some changes are good; some are bad. But this show does have improvements in the storyline, as the episodes are arranged very well and scenes are structured well. This makes the anime more amazing than the original manga. So even if you have read manga, we recommend you go and watch the entire season! As every episode will give you a new exciting and amazing vibe!

So as the first season went famous and received a lot of praises, so now fans have started waiting for Devilman crybaby season 2. Let’s know more information regarding the same.

Release Date: Devilman crybaby season 2

Devilman crybaby season 1 of Devilman crybaby was released on January 5, 2018. The animation for this anime show was done by Science Saru Studios. And surely, Science Saru did this with an overwhelming energy, and with all these efforts made by them, this anime show received amazing positive reviews from viewers. So as the first season of the anime came to an end, fans started waiting eagerly for updates on Devilman crybaby season 2

But unfortunately, it has to be said that the chances of renewal of the second sequel are very low. If you ask the reason behind this, it is because the show adapted every chapter from the manga. And as a result, there is no chapter left for the further animation. But, this does not mean there will be no chance for the release of the second season of Devilman crybaby, as there are so many changes in the storyline of the anime; so writers may get ideas for a new story from Devilman crybaby season 1.

Talking about the release date, well, there is no such official information on release date from the production house, and Netflix. But as the anime has a huge fan following, there are chances that there may be a second sequel for this Netflix show. So if we get any updates of Devilman crybaby season 2, we will be updating this section, stay tuned!

Storyline of Devilman crybaby (Devilman crybaby season 2):

The Devil holds the power to possess a human body and can use the body as their host for showing physical presence, but if the will power of the human is higher, the human mind is capable of taking the devil in his control.

The storyline of the anime revolves around a boy named Akira Fudo, the main character of the anime series. Akira, who is a high school student, lives with his only friend and also his childhood crush, Miki Makimura, her brother Taro and her parents Noel and Akiko. One day while he tries to rescue her passion from a rapper’s gang, he gets beaten up by the team, but he is saved by his childhood friend Ryo Asuka. After rescuing them, Ryo informs Akira about the time when he went on an expedition to amazon rainforest, and in the rainforest, found the demon’s existence, and the surprising part is the government is hiding the demon’s presence. 

To find the demons, Ryo Asuka asks for help from Akira, to which Akira agrees to help Ryo to find and discover the demons. Ryo takes Akira with himself to an immortal party, in which, gradually, the demons show their true colors as they take control of human bodies. Thus, the party becomes a living hell. Later, demons attack Akira and Ryo, and Ryo gets controlled by a demon. Akira was also controlled by a demon named Amon, but his will power helps him to get out of possession, and Akira uses the powers of Amon for killing other demons. 

Moving on further in the storyline, Akira faces Ryo, as he finds out that Ryo is a fallen angel Satan from heaven. That is, Gods destroyed Ryo’s body, but his soul managed to survive, thus reincarnating into a human. Ryo aims to exterminate humans from earth, and to survive the incoming world, he makes Akira a Devilman, and asks Akira to join his side. But Akira refuses and joins other Devilmen to fight against Satan. But unfortunately, he gets defeated, and dies at the end.

Characters of Devilman crybaby season 2:

Ryo Asuka

Ryo has been the best friend of Akira since childhood, but they got separated when Akira transferred to another school. Ryo asks for help from Akira to defeat devils. To defeat devils, both trade their souls with the powers of the demon. 

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Akira Fudo 

Akira, a weak high schoolboy, always thinks low of himself. He gets separated from his best friend, Ryo, as he is forced to change schools due to his family having to move due to work. Akira lives with his childhood crush Miki and her family. 

Other characters are also in the anime, but these were the ones that affected the storyline most and attracted a lot of people, but you will enjoy the presence of every character in the show. 

Voice Artist:

Akira Fudo : Griffin Burns

Ryo Asuka : Kyle McCarley

Miki Makimura : Cristina Vee

Where can you watch the show of Devilman crybaby season 2?

If you are a horror genre fan, then this must be in your must-watch series list for sure. You can watch the official English dub of this show on Netflix. 

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Well, as there is no news on Devilman crybaby season 2, there’s no trailer either. But if you are a newbie and you are quite interested in this show, we’ve provided you with a trailer so that you can have a glimpse of the entire show.

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