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Travel Ban Lifted In UAE After COVID-19: What You Need To Know?

Dubai has lifted the travel ban in their country, and people from various countries are now allowed to travel there. These countries are basically India, Pakistan, Nepal, and many others. The ban lift has even allowed some people to travel to Dubai without any vaccination certification. Everyone is allowed to fly back to Dubai normally, like before COVID-19, but for some, a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is mandatory. 

The people carrying a valid residency VISA can enter the country and must have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine must be approved in the UAE and should have been taken before 14 days of travel. Along with this, a vaccine certificate is also mandatory. 

The students pursuing their higher education, people working in government, local and federal officers, medical patients are allowed to enter Dubai. Even the students are allowed to return to Dubai no matter their vaccination is done or not. 

From India, there are certain cities from where Dubai residents can return back. These are Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kochi, Mumbai, etc. For urgent travelers, a rapid PCR test is mandatory before 6 hours of travel. This time limit was 4 hours earlier, which has now been raised to 6 hours. UAE residents from various countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, etc., are allowed to return back to Dubai. 

Also, the VISA holders need to raise the application for pre-entry approval to GDRFA (General directorate of residency and foreign affairs). This is another requirement, along with having a VISA. Both Dubai VISA and pre-entry approval requests issued by GDFRA are mandatory for traveling to Dubai. The pre-entry approval request must be after August 5, 2021, not before. All earlier requests are not valid now and will be rejected straight away. 

The passengers from Afghanistan or Indonesia who are traveling to Dubai must have the COVID-19 PCR test certificate of fewer than 48 hours. Again, this time duration is also strict and needs to be followed as mentioned. All COVID-19 PCR test certificates that were issued before this deadline will be denied. The test results must have a mandatory QR code. 

The passengers from other countries must have the COVID-19 PCR test certificate of fewer than 72 hours in order to apply for a pre-approval request and return back to Dubai. These are, in total, 14 countries mentioned by Dubai Airlines.



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