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    What is Wanetta Gibson’s background? Instagram, Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

    Brian Banks was a promising football player who created a name for himself via his presentation and was on track to enrol at the University of Southern California after high school. Still, his dreams were dashed when he was accused of assault. Is Wanetta Gibson now incarcerated? Brian Banks, the NFL prosecutor. Many people are curious about Wanetta’s whereabouts and whether she was jailed after being held accountable after her case was shown to be false; yet, they will be astounded to learn that she is free to travel as if she had done nothing wrong. She was the player’s classmate. Emmy Marino, Brian Bank’s wife, Brian sought to rebuild his life and married Emmy Marion after his release from prison. In any case, he divorced his better half in 2017 after they married in 2015. They don’t have any kids.

    He is no longer married; at the very least, he is involved with his better half Vanessa Alvarez. He has a son named O’rion as well. They appear to be in love and share images of themselves on Instagram.

    Facts about Wanetta Gibson:

    Full NameWanette Gibson
    Birth Date26 May 1987
    Birth PlaceLos Angeles, USA.
    Nick NameNot found
    ReligionNot found
    EducationNot found
    HoroscopeNot found
    Father’s NameNot found
    Mother’s NameNot found
    SiblingsNot found
    HeightNot found
    WeightNot found
    BuildNot found
    ProfessionNot found
    Marital StatusNot found
    Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Not found
    KidsNot found
    Net WorthNot found
    FacebookNot on Facebook
    TwitterNot on Twitter
    InstagramNot on Instagram

    Wanetta Gibson case on Brian Case:

    Brian Banks was denied the opportunity to play football at the University of Southern California because Wanetta Gibson told a falsehood. Banks was sentenced to prison due to his deception, and Gibson was awarded a $750,000 compensation.

    Gibson has been forced to pay $2.6 million to the Long Beach Unified School District for lying. Banks are still trying to get his bright football career back on track.

    It happened in the year 2002. Gibson said Banks raped her when she was 15 years old. At Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Banks was a standout middle linebacker, and he’d recently made a verbal commitment to attend USC on a full scholarship. Because of Gibson’s deception, Banks was sentenced to five years in jail and five years on parole, during which time he was obliged to register as a sex offender.

    Banks agreed to a plea deal after facing a sentence ranging from 41 to life in prison. Gibson and her mother, Wanda Rhodes, filed a lawsuit against the Long Beach Unified School District, alleging that the school was unsafe. A $1.5 million settlement was awarded to them. It was a lucrative deception.

    How they met?

    In 2011, Wanetta Gibson reached out to Banks via Facebook. When the two met, she admitted to faking the rape story, and banks secretly recorded Gibson’s confession. Prosecutors in Los Angeles County decided to drop the charges against Banks after hearing the taped confession.

    The deception was exposed. Gibson was sentenced to pay the school district $750,000 in settlement money, plus attorneys’ costs, interest, and $1 million in punitive damages. Gibson’s future salaries will be paid to the district, and

    “The court recognizes that our school district was a victim in this case,” Long Beach Unified Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said. “This judgment demonstrates that when people attempt to defraud our school system, they will feel the full force of the law.”

    Wanetta Gibson Early Life

    Gibson and Banks met in the summer of 2002 at Poly High School in Los Angeles, and there was presumably consensual stroking and kissing but no intercourse. Later that day, Gibson called the cops, reporting that Banks had kidnapped and r*ped her. Banks was arrested for the alleged assault and pleaded no contest on advice, receiving a five-year prison sentence and the requirement to register as an s*x offender. Gibson then sued the high school, earning a $1.5 million settlement for failing to create a safe environment for female students.

    Gibson received the first $750,000 of the settlement in 2007, but Banks was released from prison not long after and was contacted by Gibson via social media, who requested a meeting.

    Banks secretly taped Gibson admitting to lying about the incident to collect compensation from the school when they met. Also, after the recording was provided to the authorities, Banks got a second trial and declared not guilty.

    As a result, the second half of Gibson’s settlement was out, and she had to pay $2.6 million in damages.

    Wanetta Gibson Career

    Wanetta’s personal information is currently unavailable, and we have no notion what she does for a living right now.

    Wanetta Gibson Family Background

    There is no information about her family or background accessible.

    Wanetta Gibson’s relationship status

    Wanetta doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone. She falsely accused Brian of r*pe, so people might not easily trust her to be in a relationship with her.

    Wanetta Background in Education

    She met Brian while attending Polly High School in Los Angeles.


    Is Wanetta Gibson available on any social media platform?

    According to the sources, she is not on any social media platform. The main reason behind this could be that she receives a lot of heat from people, so her voice is on social media platforms.

    Has Wanetta Gibson paid the money back to Banks?

    As per the reports, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge gave her an order to pay back the $1.5 million award and $1.1 million in fees.

    What is Brian Banks’s compensation?

    Banks had an award of $142,000 in compensation.

    Who is Brian Banks’ wife?

    He was married to Emmy Marino, but they decided to separate their ways back in 2017.


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