5 Best homemade tips to have healthy flawless skin

A perfect skincare routine or other healthy skin care tips we can try to recover our skin and make it healthy and glowing again.

1. Exfoliate by using natural ingredients

Exfoliating skin helps to remove dead skin cells and all the dust particles and pollutants that are stuck to your skin.

2.  An ice water bath is the best!

This will help to increase the blood flow of your face and will close your pores so that no bacteria or dirt will enter the pores.

3. Including good-fat food in your diet is a must!

Having good fats in your diet will result in a moisturized skin, thus preventing skin dryness and resulting in healthy and hydrated skin.

4. Drink water for healthy skin:

Drinking water may help to maintain a good pH balance of your skin.

5. Try on some DIY face packs!

Try to make some face packs at home for clear and healthy skin.

There are many other things that you should take care of such as changing your pillowcase, have a good sleep, and have as much healthy food as possible.

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