After Having A Coolsculpting Operation, Linda Evangelista Poses For British Vogue And Says, “miss My Work So Much?”

Linda Evangelista is resuming her role as the cover girl. When Evangelista appeared on the cover of British Vogue’s September issue

Finding work with things sticking out from me will be challenging; without retouching, squeezing into things, taping things

Evangelista remarked, “My jaw and neck aren’t like that in real life.” “And I can’t go around with tape and elastics all over,” she continued.

The cosmetic procedure “backfired” on the iconic supermodel, as Evangelista revealed in a September Instagram post.

Evangelista recounted the measures she took, including two liposuction surgeries and even starving herself, to repair the harm done to her body.

I would also occasionally eat an apple or a stalk of celery.” Evangelista said that she is far from “cured” of the negative effects the experience

We are forming dreams. It seems legal to me. Additionally, all of my concerns are addressed in these photographs, allowing me to pursue my passion.