Andor : Release Date, Cast, StoryLine

The Disney behemoth is still producing new Star Wars material, with at least three additional episodes set to debut in 2022 and more in 2023

Andor, like all the upcoming Star Wars shows, will only be accessible on Disney+.It+ has been spreading to many other nations, so this is fortunate. Disney+ is currently available in 34 countries

Originally scheduled for August 31, 2022, the release date was finally moved forward to September 21, 2022, and it would begin with three episodes

While many of the series’ actors have been confirmed thus far, little is known about the characters they will be playing

Genevieve O’Reilly will reprise her part as Senator Mon Mothma, who initially supported the Rebellion and then became the head of the New Republic, from Rogue One and Star Wars

Andor will tell both the origin tale of the Rebellion, the story of the title character, and the rougher side of the Rebellion

The fact that the stormtroopers are not wearing their traditional armor and that we can see a sizable training facility suggests that the Empire may still be employing clones

The first Andor trailer will be out during the Star Wars Celebration on May 26, 2022. On August 1, 2022, the second trailer for Andor was out