Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth in 2022

Anthony Anderson was raised in Compton and graduated from Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet in 1988 as well as Howard University.  

Prior to appearing on Black-ish, Anderson was most well-known for both his own comedy, All About the Andersons, and The Bernie Mac Show 

One of the most prominent TV fathers on ABC has kept Anderson busy with other projects for the network.  

Anderson went on to appear in movies like Michael Bay’s Transformers, Wes Craven’s Scream 4, and the late Barbershop sequel Barbershop 

When you combine Anthony Anderson’s actor salary, producer compensation, and back-end profit rewards beginning with the fifth season of Black-ish 

He allegedly paid about $1.1 million for the three-bedroom, 3,451 square foot house in 2005. 

Anderson wrote an article for The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 about one of his major purchases, a Mercedes Maybach that cost him about $200,000.