Cocaine Bear: The True Story That Inspired Elizabeth Banks’ Film

The upcoming American thriller Cocaine Bear was written by Jimmy Warden and produced and directed by Elizabeth Banks

They have previously collaborated on the fantasy and reality-blending The Lego Movie series. The Lego universe and a real-world family were alternated in the films

It’s too early to predict when Cocaine Bear will hit theatres at the time of writing. Filming for the movie is presently ready to start later

Banks has spent the majority of her career in Hollywood’s acting community. She is best for her hilarious performances in Wet Hot American Summer, the Hunger Games series

The true story of Andrew Carter Thornton, a former drug enforcement officer, turned cocaine smuggler, served as the inspiration for the film. MuckRock claims that Thornton’s tale coincided with that of a 175-pound black bear

four years later, he experienced engine difficulty while flying cocaine. He threw as much of it out of the plane’s doors as he could out of fear and then jumped out using a parachute

it will probably detail how Thornton went from being a police officer dead in a jungle with a bag of cocaine. As more information on Banks’ future films becomes available

There is no teaser or a trailer available yet. The next movie starring Elizabeth Banks (Charlie’s Angels) is the suspenseful thriller Cocaine Bear for Universal