“Five Days At Memorial” : Release Date, Cast

Five Days at Memorial, an American crime drama that examines Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and effects on the Memorial Medical Center

The medical staff must make deliberate decisions with long-term legal repercussions following Hurricane Katrina due to lost electrical power

Beginning on August 12, 2022, Apple TV+ will host the global debut of Five Days at Memorial. There are eight episodes in the miniseries altogether

The character of Five Days at Memorial is Dr. Anna Pou, who Vera Farmiga portrays. Also, one of the medical staff members at Memorial Medical Center in Uptown

Adepero Oduye and Cornelius Smith Jr., who plays the hospital’s I.C.U. Nurse manager Karen Wynn and internist Dr. Bryant King join the cast

In the heartbreaking wake of Hurricane Katrina, Five Days at Memorial exposes the challenging decisions Memorial Medical Center staff members

Apple TV+ published the Five Days at Memorial trailer on July 13, 2022. The opening of the video features what appears to be an unusual thunderstorm