Find Out If “the Gray Man” Is  A Marvel Film

The Gray Man, an action thriller based on the same-titled New York Times bestselling book series by author Mark Greaney

On Friday, July 15, 2022, The Gray Man will be released in theatres in addition to being a Netflix exclusive for streaming

Gray Man will only be in theatres for one week before it is made accessible for streaming on July 22

As the titular Gray Man, also known as Court Gentry, a freelance assassin and an international fugitive

Chris Evans, who plays his insane former coworker Lloyd Hansen, is close behind. Evans is best recognized as Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Along with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, Joseph Russo contributed to the script for this film

The Gray Man centers on Court Gentry, formerly a CIA assassination and infiltration specialist known by the code handle Sierra Six

On May 24, Netflix published The Gray Man’s first official trailer