Greek Mythology Lovers, Athena Is About To Arrive On Netflix

the time of year when the American streaming juggernaut would be adding a tonne of brand-new films and television series to its platform has arrived.

Netflix is ready to provide a wide range of new titles, even though streamers haven’t fully recovered from its recent blockbusters.

In the approaching month, the platform will release the French film, Athena. Netflix recently released a trailer for Athena

This new film Athena according to Netflix, will take place “hours after the sad death of their younger brother under mysterious circumstances, throwing three brothers’ lives into upheaval.”

In Athena, Abdel, a soldier in the French army, returns home to find his family in complete disarray.

The odd death of a small boy, who left behind three siblings and a mourning community in the adjacent Athena housing complex, triggers the beginning of the story.

Athena’s cast is nothing short of amazing. Gavras seems to bring enchantment to the big screen with Dali Bensalah, Sami Slimane, Anthony Bajon, Ouassini Embarek, and Alexis Manenti on board.