“guilt And Repercussions” Is The Main Theme Of Marvel’s Phase 4

We are actually in the middle of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the first to bring us a lineup of Disney+ TV episodes

The arc of Wanda is possibly the best illustration of this. In order to create her persona, the writers and Olsen collaborated closely

Palmer’s remarks provide a means of unifying Phase 4’s several films and Disney+ series, despite the fact that they all feel very distinct from one another

Phase 4 has acted as somewhat of a soul-search for the Avengers who are still alive. As Palmer already explained, Wanda Maximoff adopts the Scarlet Witch

Marvel’s enduring heroes have also taken on mentorship positions in a number of Phase 4 initiatives, including as Hawkeye

Richie Palmer, a creative & production head on every Phase 4 Marvel Studios project, discussed what unites Marvel’s most recent chapter in his interview

Phase 4 investigates a lot of an individuals’ responses to “what occurs if they lose all,” the producer said