I Love My Dad ; Public Reviews & Reactions

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The narrative of Chuck and his son Franklin is presented in I Love My Dad. Chuck and his kid don’t often interact because of their stormy relationship.

In the movie I Love My Dad, Morosini plays Franklin to Patton Oswalt’s Chuck, who plays the father.

I Love My Dad will be released to theatres on August 5 and digital platforms on August 12.

Patton Oswalt, a winner of a primetime Emmy, plays Chuck in I Love My Dad. Oswalt is most known for his roles as Spence Olchin in The King of Queens and adult Adam F. Goldberg

Franklin is played by James Morosini, who is most known for his role as Dalton in the HBO Max comedy series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

James Morosini is the author and director of I Love My Dad. Morosini’s real-life experiences served as the basis for the narrative.