In The Aftermath Of Allegations Of Photoshop, Aubrey O’day Claims To Manage Her Instagram “like A Museum Of Art?”

O’Day joked in her post that she had posted two photoshopped versions of herself holding Jesus at the entrance to heaven

I also ran into Jesus, and we exchanged hugs.” She said, “Not that I need to explain myself, but I’ve been in this field for almost 20 years

One Instagram user asked, “Girl, were you actually there or not?” Another user called Photoshop the queen. O’Day responded to claims of photoshop by saying

The TikTok user @residualdata, who recently posted a video review of O’Day’s recent social media photographs and questioned their veracity

You can make positive changes just by using your own gifts; stop looking left and right if you want to move forward, said O’Day.

O’Day didn’t specifically say that she had altered her images, but she did say that “many of the shots I provide y’all are in places

In addition, she released a solo EP called “Between Two Evils” in August 2013 and has made appearances on “The Apprentice,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” and “Ex on the Beach.