Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth 2022

Jamie Lee, An American actress, producer, and novelist with a $60 million fortune is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee is renowned for her parts in a variety of comedy movies in addition to her work in the horror genre.

She was born in 1958, in California. Her late father, actor Tony Curtis, and her late mother, actress Janet Leigh, were also actors.

When Curtis returned to her role as Laurie Strode in the “Halloween” remake in 2018, it was a significant turning point in her career.

Christopher Guest, a well-known playwright, composer, pianist, actor, director, and comedian, wed Jamie Lee Curtis in 1984.

Jame Lee Curtis has battled drinking throughout her life and once developed a painkiller addiction. She was motivated to live a sober lifestyle in 1999

In 2016, it was made public that Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest spent $2.2 million on a Santa Monica home.