Reborn, the fourth entry in the Jeepers Creepers film series, was written by Sean Michael Argo as a new trilogy that stood apart from the first three entries, all of which were written and directed by Victor Salva.

As the first-ever Horror Hound Festival takes place in Louisiana, drawing hundreds of geeks, freaks, and ardent horror enthusiasts from all around, Jeepers Creepers Reborn plays out.

Fanboy Chase is one among them, along with his compelled passenger lover Laine. But as the occasion draws near, Laine starts to get strange premonitions and ominous visions connected to the town’s past.

In December and January, “Jeepers Creepers: Reborn” was filmed at Orwo Studios, Black Hangar Studios, and on location in Jackson, Louisiana. Post-production is now taking place.

As happy as we are, we know that fans will be even more thrilled (and chilled) to return to the Creeper’s world now that filmmaker Timo Vuorensola has a far darker vision in mind.

Vuorensola is the ideal choice to revive this brand, according to a statement from Screen Media. On behalf of the production, Needle for Screen Media negotiated the agreement with Seal.

The remake, directed by Timo Vuorensola (who has no connection to the franchise’s founder), follows Laine as she and her boyfriend Chase travel to the Louisiana Horror Hound Festival

On September 19, 2022, Screen Media Films plans to release the movie in the United States