Kotak Mahindra Bank Withdraws Ad Featuring Tanmay Bhat. 

The promotional ad campaign for the bank caused an uproar on the internet. 

Several Twitter users exposed the bank's ad campaign by sharing screenshots of Mr. Bhat's old tweets.

After a tweet from Tanmay Bhat about a decade ago that offended many Hindus resurfaced online, Kotak Mahindra Bank pulled the comedian from an ad campaign. 

Kotak Bank, days after releasing a new ad campaign that featured comedian Samay Raina, issued an apology for its association with the All India Bakchod 

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. does not condone or approve of any of its employees' or any other person's views, expressed in their personal capacities

An online uproar was sparked by the bank's promotional ad campaign. 

Users protested the bank's advertising campaign by posting screenshots of Mr. Bhat's previous tweets.