Kraven, the legendary foe of Spider-Man, will soon hit the big screen. Beginning in early 2023, Sony and Marvel will distribute Kraven the Hunter in theatres.

Before the Spider-Man series was rebooted, Kraven was originally going to appear in the fourth Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie.

On January 13, 2023, Sony Pictures is slated to release Kraven the Hunter in theatres around the country.

Kraven is the only cast member whose part has been officially confirmed. Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray the renowned Hunter.

Unconfirmed rumors claim that The Chameleon, Kraven’s half-brother, is in talks to play another villain alongside Fred Hechinger.

Holland wanted to continue Spider-journey Man’s in the Sony universe because, according to ScreenRant, he wasn’t yet prepared to say goodbye to the character.

It’s essential to remember that no official announcement regarding the comic series’ adaptation has been ready.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray Kraven in the Kraven the Hunter movie from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (2023).