Latest Update The Man Who Fell To Earth Season 2?

The Man Who Fell to Earth would not exist without the titular character; Chiwetel Ejiofor’s comic, bewildered, and compassionate Anthean was the show’s undisputed center

Josiah, played by Clarke Peters, may pass away before season two even starts because he is already past the point of no return.

As Chiwetel Ejiofor stated to Deadline, “There was a completeness to [season one]. You know, it wasn’t the sort of structure where you had all of these questions at the end.”

Spencer Clay (Jimmi Simpson), who is completely insane, is sadly no longer with us; hence, unless there is a flashback or dream scene, he has passed away.

But it isn’t always the case, as the Alex Kurtzmann comment from the article above reveals. Many questions remain.

However, Agent Finch (Kate Mulgrew), Edie Flood (Sonya Cassidy), and her son Clive (Laurie Kynaston) may yet go back and cause trouble.

it won’t be before the second half of 2023; nevertheless, a release date is unlikely unless the project is approved.