Marcus Samuelsson : A Swedish-Ethiopian Chef 

Marcus Samuelsson is a Swedish-Ethiopian chef and businessman with a $5 million fortune

In January 1970, Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia. His Swedish grandmother sparked his passion in cooking

Marcus Samuelsson, a well-known chef, has been on a number of television programs, including Top Chef, Chopped, and Iron Chef USA

He participated in several TV programmes and won, such as Chopped All Stars: Judges Remix

Marcus Samuelsson owns two dozen as per the record or perhaps more hotels/restaurants in the USA, Europe and Bermuda.

Marcus samuelsson has also made a respectable sum of money to date through his different television services

Marcus Samuelsson and his wife purchased an opulent mansion in New York’s Harlem in 2013. They spent $2.9 million on it

The chef Marcus samuelsson has a 4,650 square foot apartment in Harlem that he purchased for $2.895 million