Netflix’s Playstation Series Horizon | Know More About

Netflix is making a significant investment in the video game industry, and in addition to creating original games, the streamer is also creating several adaptations

Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are the companies behind the Netflix series, which was first announced in May 2022

The original Horizon Zero Dawn game’s narrative is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the United States in the third millennium

Machines are enormous robotic beings that rule Earth. They live in harmony with people for the most part, yet occasionally they are hunted for their parts

The Nora are fearsome hunter-gatherers who call nature the “All-Mother” and live in the highlands. The Carja are city-building desert dwellers who worship the Sun

As of June 2022, no cast for the Netflix Horizon series has been revealed. For those who don’t know, Ashly Burch performs the game’s Aloy voice

Lyndon Smith is frequently mentioned for the role in online circles. Aloy’s face model, a Dutch model, and actress Hannah Hoekstra have also been mentioned as potential candidates

According to the Canadian Director’s Guild, shooting will start in late August 2022 for the Horizon 2074 title