Olivia Wilde on letting Shia LaBeouf go from Don't Worry Darling 

Shia LaBeouf had previously been cast in the starring role opposite Florence Pugh in Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling

Harry Styles eventually secured the character of Jack. 

LaBeouf left the movie through just before filming began, with Warner Bros. Pictures claiming "scheduling issues" as the reason. 

Director Wilde now provides a fresh perspective on the actor's departure in a new interview with Variety.

I say this as someone who so admires his work," begins Wilde. "The ethics I require in my projects is not supported by his process.

LaBeouf has a long history of "combative" and unstable behaviour that has led to several arrests and public scandals both on and off the set of movies. 

soon after LaBeouf was sacked from Don't Worry Darling, FKA Twigs accused her ex-boyfriend of "relentless harassment"