Over $100,000 In Fines For Labor Violations At Wingstop Shops Run By Rick Ross’ Family?

According to a statement made last week by the U.S. Department of Labor, a Wingstop franchise owned by the family of musician Rick Ross has paid $114,427

The statement claims that Boss Wings Enterprises LLC used underage labor and forced workers to pay for a number of running expenses.

The law prohibits Boss Wings Enterprises LLC from shifting operational costs to workers by deducting the price of uniforms, cash register shortages

After business expenses were subtracted from their pay, the Department of Labor’s inquiry revealed that many employees were paid less than the $7.25 federal minimum hourly rate.

The investigation also uncovered that a 15-year-old worker repeatedly worked past 10 o’clock in June 2021

Wingstop representative said that all of its franchisees must adhere to their operational guidelines, which call for following all laws and regulations.

Ross spoke into the camera, “When you operate a business, there will be blunders. However, as the biggest boss, you never commit the same error twice.