PREY : Release date, Cast

A new Predator picture has been released roughly every ten years. However, most fans would undoubtedly concur that the original 1987 movie

The series may need to hear the term “original,” and it appears like the smartly named Prey will finally provide the franchise with a breath of fresh air

Amber Midthunder, best known for her role as Kerry Loudermilk in Legion, is the star of the cast in the leading role of Naru

Fans may have noticed that most of the cast is of Native American heritage; this was probably to reflect the Comanche characters in the location as truthfully as possible

Prey transforms the Predator IP into a story set in a time three hundred years in the past. So, long before the first movie’s events

In May 2022, we got our first look inside the extraordinary world of Prey. The brief 40-second teaser essentially shows a young Native American woman running from a forest

On August 5, 2022, the first hunt will start in earnest, and it will be the first feature film in the franchise’s history to be entirely ready