Rakhi Sawant Crying Badly For Husband Adil Khan 

Bollywood's drama queen Rakhi Sawant is in constant headlines these days for her secret wedding with boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. 

Rakhi Sawant revealed her marriage with Adil by sharing some pictures and marriage certificate on Instagram. 

Since the pictures of Nikah came to the fore, Rakhi has been continuously keeping the matter of her marriage in front of the world

but Adil was continuously denying this till now.

they have now accepted the matter of marriage, but Rakhi Sawant is upset with Adil's Kabhi Ha-Kabhi Na way. 

Rakhi is shocked after Adil refuses to talk about marriage and now she has expressed her desire to die.

a video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is crying in front of Bhojpuri actress Monalisa.