Release Information, Actors, Storyline, And More About Medieval

There has been a sudden awakening to films that transport us back in time and provides us with an honest understanding of how far human civilization has advanced.

The plot revolves around the early years of the legendary Czech warlord Jan Ika of Trocnov, who destroyed troops of the Teutonic Order and also the Holy Roman Empire

The movie gives further light on how his religious views and political ambitions overlap while a building romance with an unusual hostage.

On September 9, 2022, a restricted theatrical run of Medieval will begin. Additionally, it’s to be available on VOD on October 31, 2022.

Ben Foster will play Jan Ika during a Czech production with a world cast. He also was Tanner Howard in Hell or High Water.

Lady Catherine is by Sophie Lowe. The Butterfly Tree, Above Suspicion, and also the Returned are a number of her more filmography credits.

Before the Hussite Wars, in 1402, Hussite commander Jan Ika of Trocnov emerges con of the rapacious impunity of the power-hungry, greedy aristocrat Henry III of Rosenberg.