Release Information For Hellraiser 2022, Including The Cast And Crew

Hulu hasn’t been holding back when it comes to the horror genre, despite being now owned by the normally family-friendly 

Hulu is here to bring the Cenobites back to the big screen (2022).  

the new edition of the Hellraiser will be screaming its way onto the streaming service just in time for Halloween. 

Pinhead will be this time by Sense8 star Jamie Clayton, marking the first time a woman has worn the iconic pins.  

It has was happening before that Pinhead’s role. Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in all but the most recent two Hellraiser movies 

Several directors have been in to the storied franchise since rumours of a new Hellraiser movie first surfaced in 2007. 

The official plot summary for the movie is as follows: In this reimagining of Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser franchise, a young woman must confront the sadistic