Here Are Some Of The Poorly Aged Dc Hero Codenames

Given that DC Comics has been producing superheroes for almost a century, it’s not all that unexpected that many of its heroes’ names haven’t held up well.

Cultural insensitivity is one of the major issues that keeps coming up when looking at the history of comics.

Spanish conquistadors destroyed the Aztec Empire in 1521 after it had flourished for more than 200 years.

Before Marvel had established itself or even lost its former moniker, Timely Comics, Captain Marvel was Billy Batson’s first superhero name

Communication, along with its meanings and grammatical components, evolves with time. Even individual word meanings can change suddenly.

One of the handful of DC Comics heroes with dissociative identity disorder, or DID, which causes many personality states, or “alters,” to exist within a person.

Creeper’s resemblance to the Joker doesn’t help his cause, but his moniker is the main reason why authors and readers perceive him as a villain.