Supernatural Prequel The ‘winchester’: Plot Summary, Release Date

The Winchesters were the first Supernatural spinoff project to formally obtain a series order after receiving the green light

A thorough investigation into how the hunting family came to be in this potentially fatal line of work has never been done, despite several pointers

According to Danneel Ackles’ Instagram, filming for Season 1 of The Winchesters has ended in New Orleans.

The Winchesters’ debut season will air in the fall of 2022, according to the first trailer.

Since then, we’ve received confirmation that the show’s October 11, 2022, The CW debut, has been set.

The Winchesters wouldn’t be the same without Sam, so perhaps he’ll also appear in the new season.

The Winchesters The Winchesters explores the relationship between Sam and Dean’s parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell, and how these two very different people come together to shape their children’s lives.