Syndrome K Movie Latest Update ?

There are countless documentaries covering different WWII events. However, the stories that highlight the fantastic actions of regular individuals are the most striking and affecting

The movie, directed by Stephen Edwards, bears the name of the fictitious ailment that the doctors invented to save the lives of innocent people

In February 2021, Syndrome K was available online in the United Kingdom. It will be made available digitally in the US starting on August 16, 2022

The real-life account of the three Italian physicians, Adriano Ossicini, Giovanni Borromeo, and Vittorio Sacradoti, who created the eponymous illness to save numerous Jews is told in Syndrome K

Three brave doctors who worked in Nazi-occupied Rome during World War II saved many lives in the true-life tale of Syndrome K

The documentary Syndrome K, a phenomenon that shook Nazi-occupied Italy during World War II, is the main focus of the real-life events surrounding it

The Syndrome K video transports you to the gloomy era of World War II. The clip’s opening features footage of Italy in 1943, when the Nazis controlled the nation