Terrifier 2: Cast, Scheduling, And Story

In Terrifier from 2016, audiences first met the aimless mass murdering mime Art the Clown.

Leone could stay true to his vision by not accepting the terms of larger studios, seeking funding from private investors, and starting an Indiegogo campaign

Leone’s vision goes beyond a sequel, stating that he has enough material for a Terrifier 3 and possibly a Terrifier 4.

Fans had already seen a teaser video for the sequel on Leone’s own YouTube page, which he posted in July 2020, just before production was put on hold.

As Art the Clown, David Howard Thornton will return. Thornton is best known for his lineless performance and is also a voice actor.

In Terrifier 2, a year has passed since Art the Clown’s Halloween murderous rampage, and as the holiday approaches once more, the reanimated killer stalks his new victims.

The reanimated killer clown is stalking a young woman and her younger brother in the days before Halloween. It is in the official Terrifier 2 teaser, on August 24, 2022.