“The Sandman” On Netflix A Complete Failure Despite Being Stunning?

I’m just disappointed that Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s classic comic “The Sandman” is a subpar television program.

In a time when fantasy epics are the rage on prestige TV, it is a fantasy epic. Gaiman personally guided it toward the big screen.

Nevertheless, “Sandman” is not a particularly good or great programme despite all of its positive attributes.

“Sandman” is a puzzling failure because it is painfully slow, drab, and monotonous, if not downright boring. The storylines that make up the comic book epic are haphazardly and perplexingly woven together,

The series is a collection of narratives and feelings thrown haphazardly on top of one another. It’s unclear if this is because the source content was poorly adapted or because it was simply too difficult to adapt.

As the season progresses, the performances and storylines become forced and childish, making the episodes all but unwatchable.

Tom Ellis’ portrayal of “Lucifer” on Fox and then Netflix was wonderful. And “Constantine,” played here by Jenna Coleman as the gender-flipped Joanna Constantine, was a brief (but beloved) NBC sitcom that aired from 2014 to 2015.