They/Them Film 2022 Release Date, Cast Trailer

With They/Them, Blumhouse is breaking new ground with They/because it will mark the production company’s first-ever partnership with Peacock

They/Them will be unique to Peacock; there are currently no plans to release the movie in theatres, even though NBCUniversal and Blumhouse

idea for They/Them originated with John Logan, who has produced numerous feature films in past despite this being his first attempt at directing

They/cast Them’s of victims have undoubtedly previously suffered from misunderstandings. Each one represents a different aspect of gender identity and sexuality

None of them would have likely anticipated that their already unsettling and unsettling summer vacation would become a horrific nightmare when a mysterious serial murderer is let loose

They/first Them’s trailer keeps things pleasantly vague and provides only the most basic plot details

The cast of They/Them/They/Them, starring Kevin Bacon, Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, and Theo Germain

it debuts on Friday, August 5, 2022, They/Them will instill dread of God. Also, in campers just in time for the conclusion of summer