Thunderbolts Movie (2024) | Release Date, Review, Cast, Trailer

Marvel Studios has revealed that Thunderbolts, which brings together a unique group of heroes and anti-heroes to make their mark

This squad of thunderbolts is typically led by the well-known supervillain Baron Zemo in comic books, with interesting individuals like Hawkeye and Luke Cage appearing over time.

The most well-known iteration in Thunderbolts, which later revealed itself to be the Masters of Evil, was commanded by Baron Zero.

It should come as no surprise that Phase 5’s last film of thunderbolts departs so radically from the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon

Yelena Belova won’t have ever served as the team leader of the Thunderbolts before; traditionally, figures like Baron Zemo or the U.S. Agent have had that position.

The Thunderbolts squad now consists of heroes and anti-heroes who have already made names for themselves and are up for new challenges

The Thunderbolts are a hodgepodge team of criminals and antiheroes that are largely unknown to everyone but the most devoted comic book fans.