Tierra Incógnita Cast And Crew & Much More

The new Latin American Disney+ Original series “Tierra Incógnita,” which will make its global debut on Thursday, September 8, 2022, on Disney+ Day, has received a new teaser from Disney.

Eric, who together with his sister Uma (Mora Fisz) was raised by their maternal grandparents, decides to leave his home and return to Cabo Qwert

Tierra Incógnita, a new series on Disney+, promises to be quite exciting with its combination of suspense, fear, and adventures.

Tomás Kirzner plays Axel, Carla Pandolfi plays Carmen, Verónica Intile plays Julia, Ezequiel Rodrguez plays Roberto, Osmar Néez plays Santiago, Silvia Kutika plays Aurora

The protagonist of Een’s novel is a youngster who seeks to explain the puzzling disappearance of his parents.

Eric and his companions are in for a dangerous park full of eerie sights and untrustworthy people.

On September 8, Disney’s brand-new original series will premiere only on Disney+.