Fans have been almost waiting for two and a half years since the first season of Undone. The Amazon Prime Video original series came up with the Undone season 1 in September 2019.

The story of Undone revolves around this 28-year-old woman, Alma Winograd-Diaz (Rosa Salazar). She lives in San Antonio, Texas, and sees how her life changes just after a car accident.

Undone Season 2 releases globally on Amazon Prime Video. According to the sources, the reports state that Undone season 2 will be released on Friday, April 29, 2022.

Undone Season 2 release date?

In Undone Season 2, as revealed in the trailer, Alma will go deeper into her mystical journey. She is not holding back and trying to use her ability more

what is the plot

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