What Has Been Aura Bora’s Net Worth Since Shark Tank In 2022?

In Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 11, a brand of sparkling herbal water called Aura Bora appeared. The founder of Aura Bora did a fantastic job pitching the Shark Tank

According to the founder, Aura Bora is a tiny soda company that uses herbal components. Many people use this sparkling water in their daily lives because it is nutritious and available in various tastes.

Aura Bora’s Shark Tank net worth is projected to be $2.5 million as of 2022. The market value of Aura Bora is very high.

A CrunchBase report indicates that Sparkling Waters Company has raised $2 million in fundraising throughout one funding round.

Everyone drinks soft drinks daily, whether it’s soda or sparkling water. The American company Aura Bora produces flavored sparkling drinks with a plant base.

The fruits and flavors used in Aura Bora’s goods are derived from plants, and the company presently produces a range of miscellaneous items.

The couple is one of Aura Bora’s co-founders. Paul Voge is the husband’s name, while Madeleine Voge is the wife’s name. They together founded this business.