What You Should  Know About  "Emily The Criminal"

On January 24, Emily the Criminal and Spin Me Round, another movie starring Plaza, had their world premieres at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival

Emily Benetto, the main character, is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza. She is a young lady with student debt and cannot find employment because of a minor criminal record

As Khalil, Jonathan Avigdori is featured. He may be recognized for his roles on The Equalizer, The Blacklist, The FBI, and The Lincoln Lawyer

A young woman precariously near to a life of crime is when you combine it with a few minor, old criminal offenses that have closed off a world of work

Although it seems straightforward, this marks the start of a journey into the criminal underworld. Her zest for the illegal game grows after a few trips as a dummy shopper

The risk increases with each passing day, and since she is a criminal, her encounters with law enforcement and other “occupational hazards” add tension to the story

On July 6, 2022, a 2:14-minute trailer for Emily the Criminal was available. When asked what she would do with some money in the opening scene