"Zita Cobb" Net Worth  in 2022

Author of the book Fogo Island Inn and well-known Canadian financial manager, Zita Cobb.

Zita Cobb has a net worth of $12 million, according to estimates. Zita’s exact net worth is still being ascertained.

Prior to taking over the inn, she must have acquired substantial wealth from her successful IT job as well.

In May 2021, Zita Cobb, the creator of Fogo Island Inn, received a recognition award from the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.

Eighth generation Fogo Islander Cobb. Cobb has six brothers and his father was an inshore fisherman. She was reared in a home without running water or electricity.

Robert F. Cobb Jr., a well-known businessman, is Zita Cobb’s husband. They had been together for a while and are now blissfully married.

They have three siblings, but we don’t know their names or identities yet. Her spouse, Robert, has also concealed his identity and maintained a low profile.

Zita Cobb had a successful career in IT before returning to her birthplace to work on increasing the local economy and preserving the island’s history and culture.