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20 Clever Tricks Used In Ads That Fool You Into Buying The Product

Yeah, you heard it right. As they say, what we see is what we believe. But, in today’s world, this doesn’t apply anymore. The advertisers are presenting things in a much complex way that the users end up becoming a fool out of. The ads are not showing the right items, and you can’t assume that if it’s looking pretty, it would be better as well. 

Have you ever seen a food item in the ads and it looks so pretty? But when it is ordered, it isn’t the same as shown in the ads. The reason behind this is my photography skills. More attractive photos have a high chance of getting more engagement and clicks. This is one such dirty trick of marketers. Let’s explore some more of them below: 

source = all4women

1. Soft Drinks look fizzier in advertisements. 

We all have seen the soft drinks bubbling out from the bottle or can. It’s the effect of the antacids that you won’t find in the actual beverages. It just used to tempt you to go and purchase the same soft drinks. 

2. Saw hot steam coming out of food? 

That’s not from the food but from the wet cotton balls heated up to make the food look tempting. You would have seen this trick in the ads of various food delivery apps and websites. There are some other ways of getting that steam available. 

3. Fresh and natural vegetables that would make you mouth-watering? 

Yup, that’s the magic of the deodorants and hair spray. These are sprayed on the vegetables to make them look fresh and attractive. In actuality, the vegetables never have that fresh or natural look. 

4. The ice cream put on the ice cream cones? It’s not real. 

You have been wrong if you think that is actual ice cream. The real ice cream would have melted in seconds considering such heavy lights around that. Instead, it is mashed potatoes that give a similar look and feel to ice cream. 

5. Brown shoe polish is used on the buns. 

Have you ever thought about why those hamburger buns look so regular brown? It’s a complete shoe polish effect. 

6. Plates and food stay fixed for photography. 

Clay is the sticking bond between the two. It helps in getting good angles in photography.  

7. Wondering how good milk looks in the cereal bowl? Well, that’s glued. 

When mixed with the cereals, Glue gives a more fresh look and feel than actual milk and hence becomes good for photography. 

8. Saw that beautiful hair in the shampoo ad? That’s hair extensions with lots of products, dryers, and air blow.  

9. Ice cubes don’t melt in the ads, and they look much more real. That’s because they are plastic cubes and good for photography.  

10. Chicken is stuffed with a paper towel to make it look fatter and better. The real ones won’t give such expected outcomes. 

11. Pancakes look tasty in the advertisement because motor oil is poured on them. 

12. The sesame seeds on the buns look perfect due to the use of tweezers. 

13. The grilled chicken in the ads looks very tasty, and the reason is the usage of shoe polish on the same. 

14. Same goes with the burger. They look so tasty in ads and not in actual life. Well, the reason is pretty simple, and that is because they are undercooked. 

15. Lipsticks are used on strawberries to make them look redder than they are. 

16. The glass of milk looks so fresh, and the reason is because of the soap water. And, you feel that the milk is very new. 

17. Piece of cake looks so yummy, right? Yes, that’s because it is made of cardboard for advertisements. 

18. What an amazing butterfly it is! That’s because it has been refrigerated for the camera. 

19. Weight loss ads show that the person has lost weight without any effort. That’s made possible by holding your breath, applying a tan on the body, and standing in the right posture. 

20. Natural frost on the soft drink glass looks pretty. That’s because it is a deodorant spray.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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