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Age, Angry Grandpa wiki, biography, and other information

American internet personality Charles Marvin “Charlie” Green Jr., better known online as Angry Grandpa or AGP, is from the country.

So, Charles Marvin Jr., the angry grandpa, is evidence that there is a place on the Internet for everyone. The soon-to-be 70-year-old has carved out a particular niche in the hearts of both young and old with films of his passionate rants, blustery monologues, and odd pranks.

More than 3 million people frequently visit his TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube account to see what he’s up to. Also, well-liked as the grandfather, his family and friends routinely make appearances on his channel. He refers to his followers as “Grandpa’s Army,” and the kids among them as “youngins.” Although he has around 250,000 followers on Twitter, he is not active there. So, he enjoys cooking and serves as a representative of the challenges and loneliness experienced by senior Americans. The elderly can use the Internet to fill in the gaps in their lives and maintain their popularity despite their peculiarities, and Angry Grandpa is an excellent example for them. Also, today, we’ll talk about Angry Grandpa’s financial situation and how he increases his wealth.

This article will also reveal the secret to becoming wealthy like Angry Grandpa. So make sure to finish reading.

Facts about  Angry Grandpa:

Full Name
Charles Marvin Green Jr.
Birth DateOctober 16, 1950 
Birth PlaceChatham County, Georgia, United States
Nick NameAngry Grandpa
Father’s NameCharles M. Green, Sr.
Mother’s NameDorothy M. Green
Height1.80 m
Weight70 kg
BuildNot found
ProfessionYouTube personality
Marital Statusunmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Lauren Davi 
Net Worth$2 million
InstagramNot found

Angry Grandpa’s Net Worth:

At death, angry grandpa will likely have a net worth of $2 million. So, Charlie Green is an American YouTuber, popularly referred to as Angry Grandpa or AGP. So, he and his son Michael generated most of their revenue through their shared YouTube channel.

Angry Grandpa

 Angry Grandpa Early Life

Green grew up in a low-income family in Charleston, South Carolina. He held various positions, including those of a small-business owner and firefighter. 

 Angry Grandpa’s Career

TheAngryGrandpaShow was started in 2007 by Green’s son Michael and quickly gained popularity for its prank videos. So, in which Green is frequently shown yelling obscenities. Also, in response to his son’s provocations, he destroyed home goods like furniture and electronics. Significant attention has also been paid to his analysis and extravagant reactions to current affairs and contentious issues. 

After building a following on, Green moved to YouTube and became well-known there.

So, his response to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video, which appeared on The Guardian’s viral list in 2011, is one of Green’s most seen videos.

Green destroyed his son’s PlayStation 4, tore up his son’s WrestleMania tickets, destroyed a television during the Super Bowl 50 because he was upset about his favourite team’s defeat, and engaged in a practical joke that involved slashing a durian with a Japanese sword. So, in a different standard film format, Green’s son is seen giving his father. The latter had previously resided in a trailer park, a new house and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, which causes Green to respond with delight and appreciation.

Even though fellow YouTuber Ray William Johnson and others have questioned the integrity of the channel’s content, Green’s son has attributed his father’s rage-filled outbursts to his bipolar disease.

In collaboration with artist Shooter Jennings, with whom he had previously made music videos, Green released a cover of Waylon Jennings’ “The Most Sensible Thing” in December 2015. Green’s son still runs TheAngryGrandpaShow as of December 2020. So, the channel currently primarily posts pre-death videos made after Green’s passing. 

Angry Grandpa’s Family Background

He had five kids and had gone through two divorces. 

 Angry Grandpa’s relationship status

Tina Maria Sharp, also known as Tina Green Charlie, Jennifer, Kim, and Michael, were all born to an angry grandma, the second ex-wife of an angry grandpa. So, she frequently appears on the KidBehindACamera and Angry Grandpa channels.

Before his passing on December 10, 2017, Angry Grandpa was engaged to Lauren Davi (born September 18, 1985), who will eventually become the stepmother of Michael Green, Jennifer Green, Kimberly Pratt, and Charlie Green. She relocated to Mississippi with her family shortly after AGP died because of her grandmother’s failing health.

Angry Grandpa’s Background in Education

He went to Trident Technical College.


Angry Grandpa’s net worth is?

Well, Angry Grandpa has a net worth of $ 2 million.

How did Charlie AGP fare?

After a brief fight with skin cancer, Charlie Green Jr., better known on YouTube as Angry Grandpa (AGP), passed away on Sunday. He was 67. His son Michael tweeted the following statement to share the news: “Heaven just got a lot angrier. As I type this, I realise how much I will miss you, Dad.

What final words did Agp say?

As his father’s constant sidekick on “The Angry Grandpa Show,” a YouTube series, Michael has been able to spend the past ten years improving his connection with his father. However, his final words were, “I love you.”

In Angry Grandpa, who plays Lauren?

Before his passing on December 10, 2017, Angry Grandpa was engaged to Lauren Davi (born September 18, 1985),. So who will eventually become the stepmother of Michael Green, Jennifer Green, Kimberly Pratt, and Charlie Green.

Where was Angry Grandpa’s trailer park residence?

Although it is thought to have been in Shannonwood of Moncks Corner in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, north of Summerville. So, it is now located in Creekside of Summerville.


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