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Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Anthony Anderson Net Worth – American author and actor Anthony Anderson has a net worth of $25 million. Thanks to his part in the widely-liked comedy series Black-ish, Anthony Anderson makes close to $9 million a year from a mix of acting and producing fees as well as his cut of the show’s profits.

Full NameAnthony Anderson
Birth DateAugust 15, 1970
Birth PlaceCompton, California, United States
Nick NameTugga
ReligionJehovah’s Witness.
Father’s NameSterling Bowman
Mother’s NameDoris Hancox
Age52 Years Old
Height1.78 M
Weight122 KG
ProfessionComedian, Actor
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAlvina Stewart
Net Worth$25 Million

Anthony Anderson Net Worth, Early Years

Anthony Anderson was raised in Compton and graduated from Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet in 1988 as well as Howard University. Even though his initial try at stand-up comedy was a self-described “failure” (funnily, he appeared at The Comedy Act Theater under the character of “Tasty Tony, the One and Only. and Anthony Anderson makes close to $9 million in 2022.

Anthony Anderson: Television Career

Prior to appearing on Black-ish, Anderson was most well-known for both his own comedy, All About the Andersons, and The Bernie Mac Show, where he played a part in the fifth and final season. In addition, he played the title character of Teddy Broadis in the adolescent drama Hang Time as part of his television career. He has been in several guest spots on TV programs including Ally McBeal, Malcolm & Eddie, In the House, and NYPD Blue, to mention a few. Anderson, who had previously acted in two other crime dramas, Fox’s K-Ville and FX’s The Shield, joined the cast of the venerable NBC crime drama Law & Order in 2008.

Anthony began playing the lead in the ABC show Black-ish in 2014.. As you’ll see below, his income for the series has increased dramatically as a result of his involvement as an Executive Producer on the program. Additionally, Anderson has played the family patriarch Andre “Dre” Johnson, Sr.

One of the most prominent TV fathers on ABC has kept Anderson busy with other projects for the network. While Kimmel was on paternity leave in 2017, he served as one of the famous guest hosts on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In 2019 he made appearances in both of ABC’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience specials. He returned in 2020 and competed on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Anthony Anderson, Movie Career

While Anderson has done much of his best-known work for television, he has also appeared in a respectable number of feature pictures. In 1999, he made his acting debut in the movie Liberty Heights. The following year, he (together with pal Guy Torry) participated in the Life movie starring Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. In the years that followed, he appeared in supporting roles in a number of well-known movies, such as Big Momma’s House (also featuring Martin Lawrence), Me, Myself & Irene, starring Jim Carrey, and Barbershop, starring Ice Cube. He also landed a recurring part in two subsequent films in the Scary Movie series, such as Mahalik in Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4.

Anderson went on to appear in movies like Michael Bay’s Transformers, Wes Craven’s Scream 4, and the late Barbershop sequel Barbershop: The Next Cut before being cast in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed two years after Scary Movie 4. His film career has slowed down a little after the popularity of Black-ish, but it has by no means stopped. He participated in the 2017 crime thriller Small Town Crime, provided voices for the 2017 animated movies The Star and Ferdinand, and in 2019 he acted in the Netflix original movie Beats.

Almost Black Salary

When you combine Anthony Anderson’s actor salary, producer compensation, and back-end profit rewards beginning with the fifth season of Black-ish, he earns $400,000 each episode. Over 22 episodes, that works out to $8.8 million a year before taxes. Before syndication was locked down, his season one yearly salary of $100,000 had climbed dramatically.

Individual Life

He wed Alvina, his college love, in 1995. He also participated in a celebrity version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2011 for the Alzheimer’s Association, earning $250,000 for the charity.

Anthony Anderson: Real Estate

He allegedly paid about $1.1 million for the three-bedroom, 3,451 square foot house in 2005.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth: Car and assets 

Anderson wrote an article for The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 about one of his major purchases, a Mercedes Maybach that cost him about $200,000.


What does Anthony Anderson excel at?

Anderson is most recognised for his starring roles in drama programmes like Marlin Boulet on K-Ville, NYPD Detective Kevin Bernard on the NBC crime thriller Law & Order, and prominent parts in comedies like Andre “Dre” Johnson on Black-ish.

Do you still see Anthony Anderson on Law & Order?

Variety has announced that Anthony Anderson won’t be joining “Law & Order” for Season 22.

How will Anthony Anderson proceed?

Anderson is staring for another drama called Miraculous.

What is the net worth of Anthony?

Anthony Anderson net worth is around $9 million a year




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