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Billy Mitchell Biography, Age, Height, and Net Worth 2022

Billy Mitchell, a successful restaurateur and extraordinarily talented gamer, was born on July 16, 1965, and he now owns several records in arcade games, including Pac-Man and Pinball. Read the whole article to learn more about Billy Mitchell’s age, birthday, Eastenders appearance, wife, death, Twitch, Air Force, and other relevant information.

Facts about Billy Mitchell  :

Full NameWilliam James Mitchell Jr
Birth DateJuly 16, 1965
Birth PlaceHolyoke, Massachusetts, United States
Nick NameNot found
Father’s NameNot found
Mother’s NameNot found
SiblingsNot found
Height1.8 m
Weight78 kg 
BuildNot found
ProfessionRestaurateur, gamer
Marital Statusmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Evelyn Mitchell
Net Worth$1 million
FacebookNot found

Billy Mitchell’s net worth:

As of 2022, Billy Mitchell has a USD 1 million net worth. His restaurant, “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant,” is his primary income source.

Although a restaurant by trade, he is well known for his gaming prowess. He established a “Donkey Kong” high score in the 1880s that stood for 18 years. On his Twitch account, he used to stream live gaming of various arcade games. When Billy was busy running his restaurants in the early 1990s, he took a vacation from building a career in video games and began spending more time with his family.

Billy Mitchell Early Life

American video gamer Billy Mitchell was the protagonist of arcade games in the late 1980s. His perfect score of 3,333,360 in the first Pac-Man game earned him the title of “Greatest Arcade Video Game Player.”

Billy used to assist his parents in the restaurant when he was younger and wasn’t interested in playing video games. However, Billy finally became wholly devoted to it following the release of arcade games like “Donkey Kong” and “Pac-Man.” He has accumulated several records in “Donkey Kong,” but everything was eventually abandoned. His scores were so exceptional that he had to be prohibited from submitting them to Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records.

Billy Mitchell’s Career

1980 saw the release of Pac-Man. Players found it also had a kill screen: after level 256, half the screen would be covered in meaningless symbols, making it impossible to pass the level and move on. In response to an eight-year-old player’s claim in 1982 that he had amassed more than 6 million points, which received widespread attention after President Ronald Reagan wrote to the player to congratulate him, Mitchell and his friend Chris Ayra calculated in 1983 that the highest possible score on Pac-Man was 3,333,360, which would necessitate a flawless no-death run and collecting all available points on the nonsense side of level 256’s split-screen, NEC.

Mitchell set a new personal best in Donkey Kong in 2004 in front of numerous witnesses at the Midwest Gaming Classic. His score was 933,900. David Ramsey called Mitchell “possibly the best arcade video game player of all time” in an article he wrote for the Oxford American in 2006. Contestant Steve Wiebe sought to break the world record in Donkey Kong in 2004 and 2005; this activity was captured in the 2007 movie The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Other works:

Wiebe made an effort to get Mitchell to show up at these occasions so he could personally challenge him; these occasions usually took place at Funspot arcades because Wiebe preferred public displays of high scores to video film. The most crucial thing, according to Mitchell, is to visit a place that has been authorized, like Funspot. Mitchell again retook the Donkey Kong record with a score of 1,050,200 on July 26, 2007, 25 years after his first performance broke.

Given that Mitchell recorded it while there at the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers’ annual convention, this score came to be known as the “Mortgage Brokers” score. Hank Chien temporarily owned the record until he surpassed it on February 26, 2010, when Hank Chien did so. At the Boomers arcade in Dania, Florida, on July 24, 2010, Mitchell recovered the record with a score of 1,062,800. Wiebe, later that year and others after then, have broken the mark. Hence it was the final time he held it. 

Billy Mitchell’s Family Background

Billy has kept his parents’ identity a secret. We know he grew up with his parents, but we have no specific knowledge about his siblings. He now has a wife and three children of his own.

Billy Mitchell’s relationship status

Billy is married to Evelyn Mitchell; he does not have a girlfriend. Besides her name, Billy has kept his wife’s identity a secret. He has a very private nature and doesn’t discuss any matters about his romantic life. He is also not active on any social media platforms.

Billy Mitchell’s Background in Education

In elementary school, Mitchell started playing pinball frequently. In 1983, he went to Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School.


Mitchell was chosen by Twin Galaxies and the U.S. National Video Game Team as one of the 1983 “Video Game Players of the Year” on January 14, 1984.

MTV chose Mitchell as one of “The 10 Most Influential Video Gamers of All Time” on June 21, 2006.


What is Billy Mitchell’s net worth?

His net worth is $1 Million

How was Billy Mitchell apprehended?

On April 12, 2018, Twin Galaxies published a statement revealing that an examination of Mitchell’s submitted scores had unequivocally established that Mitchell had utilized an emulator to record the video of his two top scores.

Who has the Pac-Man world record?

Since Billy Mitchell (USA) completed the first “perfect” Pac-Man game on July 3, 1999 (3,333,360 points).

Has Pac-Man ever been defeated?

Billy Mitchell was the first person ever to complete Pac-Man with a perfect score. He amassed 3,333,360 points in 1999, startling even the game’s inventors and producers by reaching what was supposed to be the game’s impossible end.




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