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Bundil: Uses, creator, net worth, success and much more!

Bundil makes it simple for practically anyone to enter the crypto age. Dmitri went to the tank to get the money he needed to make his plan a long-term success. Did everything go according to plan? Gone are the days when individuals collected spare change in piggy banks. We don’t even know where our spare change is nowadays because most of our transactions are cashless. Assume you exchange a card at a gas station to fill your tank for $17.65. You will receive $0.35 in spare change if you pay in cash. However, with debit and credit cards, all that extra coin vanishes in the enormous digital transaction system. 

Dmitri Love was unhappy with the lack of value in digital and online spare change. His unhappiness prompted him to consider and devise a plan for putting this digital spare change to good use. He eventually came up with the Bundil concept. It’s an app that tracks your purchases by connecting to your credit or debit card account. It gathers up any spare change and invests it in your chosen cryptocurrency whenever there is some. In this Bundil review, we’ll go over how the app works and its perks. Let’s start with Dmitri’s financial journey and his one-of-a-kind savings and investment software. 

In late 2017, Dmitri began developing the smartphone app. He was able to beta-launch the Bundil app on the Apple Store after trial and error and tight collaboration with developers. He started with a $3 monthly subscription charge. Dmitri chose to go to Shark Tank, ABC’s famed business reality show, while the software was still in development. He needs not only funding for the app’s Android version but also the advice of a seasoned investor and entrepreneur.

What Is The Purpose Of Bundil?

Then, whenever you purchase with a card, it will round up the amount you pay and deposit the difference as cryptocurrency investment.

What is the significance of this in the crypto market? Because many people want to participate in bitcoin investments but are unsure about the “how” and “what.”

The programme makes it simple to invest without prior knowledge of the market, coding, or crypto mining.

Dmitri Love Is Who?

The app was created by Dmitri Love, who his mother inspired.

While assisting her with cryptocurrency transactions, he discovered many others like her lack the necessary knowledge and found it challenging to navigate the complex market. As a result, he created an app to make it easier to reap the rewards of crypto investments.

Dmitri was an Arkansas biochemistry student who learned to code while recovering from a knee injury. This enabled him to design Bundil, an app to assist his mother and others.

For a nominal monthly payment, the app completed the work for them.

Why Did He Require The Aid Of Sharks?

Dmitri felt he had an excellent product, but finding clients was demanding, even after releasing it.

This was his motivation for going to the tank, expecting to raise $100,000 and willing to give up 10% of the company.

Words From The Sharks

The sharks were undoubtedly impressed, and they saw that the offering was relevant to today’s market.

However, few of them have prior app development experience. Kevin O’Leary was the only one prepared to take a chance with Dmitri because he had done it previously.

He, unfortunately, refused to accept Dmitri’s original proposition. Kevin wanted 50% of the company in exchange for his $100,000 investment.

What is Bundil’s net worth?

Bundil subscriptions were around 3$ per month in 2018 and roughly 24$ per year. Dmitri wanted nearly $1 million for the 6-month-old Bundil, but he settled with Kevin for about $100,000 in 50% ownership. Bundil is now valued at $200,000.

What Was Dmitri’s Decision?

Dmitri attended the show in the hopes of receiving $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the app. He stumbled through his pitch, pausing for extended periods and missing his lines— it was a mess. Despite this, the Sharks remained interested because it was a novel proposal based on an excellent insight. An app combined with cryptocurrencies was unfamiliar ground for most Sharks. Only Kevin O’Leary had prior experience leading app-based investment teams. As a result, he was the first and only Shark to reject the offer. He offered Dmitri $100,000 in exchange for 50% of the app, pointing out all of the challenges that the app will encounter in the future and that needed to be addressed quickly. Based on his extensive investment knowledge, Dmitri agreed to provide Kevin with half of the app’s stakes for $100,000.

Dmitri realised he needed assistance. Kevin also outlined all of the issues that must be addressed for the app to be genuinely effective.

Dmitri eventually gave up and sold half of Bundil for $100,000.

Does Bundil Exist Anymore?

Dmitri made the wise decision in the long term. According to, you may have seen him at CES or on outlets like Forbes in recent years, according to

His Bundil app is still available for download on Google Play or the App Store for Android users. You can customise your choices and even invest more significant sums of money.

Dmitri identified a gap in the market and devised a credible strategy to fill it. That is what a successful business plan is all about! Kevin’s portfolio also included another great concept! Bundil is no longer a minimal viable product. Bundil is now available in entirely created and tested versions for both Apple and Android smartphones, thanks to Dmitri. Hundreds of banks are supported by the Bundil app. It uses encrypted pathways to connect to your bank cards securely. It then keeps track of all your point-of-sale transactions. Bundil maintains the way of every POS transaction, whether it’s at a restaurant, a clothes store, or a gas station.

Bundil rounds fractional amounts to the nearest dollar value if they are included in a transaction.

For example, if you make a $13.55 transaction, Bundil will round it up to $14.00. The amount used to round off ($0.45 in this case) is subsequently used to invest in cryptocurrencies. Bundil offers a variety of cryptocurrency investment alternatives (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others). Bundil becomes an intuitive app that you don’t have to do anything with after being locked in those settings.

Who Is Bundil Intended For?

Bundil is undoubtedly an option to explore if you do a lot of shopping with your debit and credit cards. Assume you make 20 online money transactions in a month and have $15 in spare change, and this $15 may become $20 or perhaps more within a month.

This return will cover your Bundil membership and transaction fees and provide you with a significant profit from the digital spare change you’re not even aware of.

Bundil is also for anyone looking for a simple and secure solution to invest their money. You just need to link your banking accounts to the Bundil app once, and after that, the app will take care of everything.


Is Bundil on Shark Tank?

Well, Dmitri Love did appear on Shark Tank seeking $100,000.

What is the cryptocurrency owned by Kevin O’Leary?

He owns the BTC and ETH.

Who is the creator of Bundil?

Dmitri Love is the founder of Bundil.




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