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Did Troy Aikman’s salary break down? Find his net worth in 2022.

Troy Aikman, a renowned quarterback in American football, spent his entire National Football League career with the Dallas Cowboys. Aikman led his club to three Super Bowl victories when he was a player, and he was also voted MVP in one of those triumphs.

In recognition of his accomplishments as a college athlete at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Oklahoma, where he won a national championship, the 1997 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year has since been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as the College Football Hall of Fame.

Biography and Early years of Troy Aikman 

Aikman was born Troy Kenneth Aikman on November 21, 1966, in West Covina, California, to Charlyn and Kenneth Aikman. Before relocating to Oklahoma, he lived in California for the first twelve years of his life. Troy Aikman attended high school in the city of Henryetta, where his family had made their home. His physical prowess was at its peak at this period as he won the 1983 Oklahoma high school state title and was named to the All-State team.

Troy Aikman later enrolled at the University of Oklahoma and played under Barry Switzer as the head coach. Troy Aikman’s decision to attend college instantly paid off as he became the team’s first freshman to start at quarterback.

This led him to move to UCLA, where Troy Aikman continued his athletic career despite having to sit out a year owing to university transfer regulations. He won several trophies, including the 1988 Davey O’Brien Award, which led to the retirement of his No. 8 jersey in 2014.

Troy Aikman’s Net Worth

Troy Aikman entered the NFL right out of college in the 1989 NFL Draft, when the Dallas Cowboys picked Troy Aikman with the first overall choice, and the rest is history.

what Troy Aikman is worth

It is estimated that the late Dallas Cowboys quarterback is worth roughly $25 million. It is not surprising that Troy Aikman is worth so much since, after only five years of playing American football professionally, he rose to the position of the highest-paid player in the league.

Troy Aikman committed to an 8-year, $50 million deal with an $11 million signing bonus in 1993. Troy Aikman made an estimated $7.5 million annually by the time he decided to hang up his cleats. Troy Aikman transitioned from playing football to becoming a sportscaster for the Fox Network, where he allegedly makes $1 million annually.

Troy Aikman has also made some wise investments, sharing ownership of the San Diego Padres baseball team and a NASCAR Sprint Cup racing team. You can see why Troy Aikman is still worth that much when you consider that in addition to his endorsement agreements with businesses like Walt Disney World and Rent-A-Center.

Does Troy Aikman have a girlfriend?

Troy Aikman initially wed Rhonda Worthey, a spokeswoman for the Cowboys whom he had met while playing for them. Apart from the fact that she was a single mother, not much was known about Worthey until she started dating Texas’s most eligible bachelor at the time.

Troy Aikman’s rumors about being gay. 

Troy Aikman’s real sexual orientation has been a source of debate among sports fans for a number of years, since reports that the quarterback was gay first surfaced in the 1990s when he was still playing. When sports writer Skip Bayless covered the incident in his book Hell Bent, the event received even more national attention. According to Bayless, the then-feud between the athlete and coach prompted Switzer’s counselors to fabricate the tale.

Troy Aikman’s Net Worth

Since Aikman married and has frequently been associated with women without any proof of a relationship with another man, homosexual rumors have been disproven.

Faqs on Troy Aikman’s net worth 

Why did Troy Aikman leave football so soon?

Over the following several seasons, a slew of injuries most notably concussions limited his performance, and in April 2001 he decided to retire. Aikman then started working as a football analyst on television. He was admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Is Troy Aikman a company owner?

Since leaving football after the 2000 season, Troy Aikman has used the energy and commitment that helped build his Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys to launch a number of lucrative business endeavors.

How much is Troy Aikman’s net worth in 2022? 

Troy Aikman, the popular football American player now has a net worth of about 65 million US dollars, as of 2022.

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