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Dolo 650 memes: Know the reason why netizens and memers are going crazy over Dolo 650 memes!

The spread of covid-19, omicron is increasing day by day. Even after two years the spread is still increasing and people are getting affected till now. Well, indeed it has to be now said that the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many words to us.

Let us provide some examples such as ‘quarantine’, ‘N-95’, and ‘oximeter’. Indeed these words have been now added to our daily vocabulary. And ofcourse, covid  has made ‘Dolo 650’ pretty ubiquitous. Well, better to say that ‘Dolo 650’ has actually turned into a household name. And yes, the tablet has also provided fodder for many memes since the third wave hit India.

Well, surely you may be wondering why all of a sudden the tablet is becoming viral in terms of memes. Is that so? No worries, as we are here to tell you the whole story! Keep reading to know the reason!

Dilip Surana is the Chairman and Managing Director of Micro Labs

Micro labs are the manufactures of Dolo 650. Dilip was in great surprise by looking at the unexpected popularity of the drug. In an interview which he had with Money Control, he said:

“(It) has always been a popular brand among doctors across India. However, we did not expect the kind of popularity that Dolo-650 gained recently because we have never advertised the tablet directly to the public.”

In fact, it has been two years since we are struggling through this pandemic. And definitely it looks like the tablets don’t need any more advertisement at all. The tablets have become so famous because of this pandemic for sure. Well, it famous to an extent that memers got an opportunity to create some rib-tickling memes. Since a few days, Twitter has been fully filled with alot of Dolo 650 tablets memes. So, coming straight to the point, have a look at some of the best rib-ticklers. Here are some memes that are going all sorts of viral on the internet:

Dilip Surana further shared the reasons for the success. He stated that Covid has body ache and fever as one of the most common symptoms of Covid.  Dolo 650 is an effective analgesic (pain killer) and also an antipyretic (reduces fever). This Dolo 650 helps to manage both symptoms. Dilip Surana also believes that word-of-mouth publicity helped. According to the reports of Business Today, the demand for Dolo 650 grew. It became one of the most prescribed medicines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though Dolo has its popularity, it is important to note some points. The overuse of paracetamol can also be now proved harmful for health too. Dolo is an over-the-counter drug. So the tablets can still be bought without a doctor’s prescription. It is highly recommended, people should consume it with a consultation to a physician. Paracetamol is actually considered a safe medicine. But its overuse is also associated with liver damage too.

Experts said that promoting medicines is a violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

“Any backdoor advertising or promotion for a medicine should not be allowed. This is leading to rampant misuse and non-judicious use of paracetamol, which can cause harm to patients. Many patients are self-medicating without even a proper diagnosis — this may even lead to serious side-effects,” Indian Medical Association’s general secretary said according to TOI.

“Dolo 650 is a meme. Not a medicine. At least on social media. To an extent, Dolo has become a four-letter word brand of great utility and ubiquity for many during the pandemic. This, in turn, has led to a Dolo 650-in-every-house kind of movement.

For an OTC (over-the-counter), or for that matter prescription drug, this is a super-brand status. When a product becomes a super-brand, creators create memes — make fun of it even. In the bargain, the brand becomes larger than life,” brand strategy expert Harish Bijoor said, according to the reports of TOI.



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