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Don’t follow these habits if you want to be successful.

Everybody wants to be successful in their way, but they fail to recognise the toxic habits that create obstacles for them. We know nobody is perfect; we all might have developed these habits one way, but not recognising and changing is the problem. Bad or poor habits may seem small and unidentifiable, but they make a huge impact on your personality and growth. Therefore, to evolve and learn regularly, you need to drop these habits right away, or if you know someone with these personality traits, it’s a red flag. Help them identify.

here is the list of bad habits that you need to change if you want to be successful: 

  • Distraction: People who get distracted are flicker minded and lack focus, and it’s needless to say, you cannot complete tasks effectively without focus. Nobody wants to work with someone who is distracted from the slightest of things. For instance, you are talking to your colleague about job and career prospects, and you are starting to reply to your text. That’s not only rude but also shows your lack of interest and focus. Whenever you feel your attention in different directions, pull yourself up and focus on the task at hand. You will have control over your situation and be more productive and organised.
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  • Procrastinate: Unsuccessful people delay their work for the last time. Some might be able to pull their horses in the end, but not everyone is quick enough. But have you ever thought about what you will gain from procrastination? Better results? Work on time? Better quality work? Reduce work pressure? NO right? They just for the sake of few free moments, you want to take stress and tension. In fact, you will end up requesting more time to complete your task, and that won’t make any difference; you are still going to work the same way. Therefore, if you look at yourself as a successful individual in the next few years, STOP PROCRASTINATING. 
  • Always think negative: Unsuccessful people have only one thing to focus on, and that is negativity. They revolve around negative thoughts. If you always think negatively about the situation, you will restrict yourself from growth. No matter how hard you try, there will always be something missing if you think negatively. Don’t interpret overthinking with negativity; an overthinker will always think of every little scenario before doing something; they either overperform or are too curious. They are ready for both outcomes, but a negative thinker will always have a no in their dictionary. 
  • Reject change: You will find in unsuccessful people that they don’t like change and always want to stay in their little bubble. They always focus on one thing, how things will go wrong, and in this process, they pass on so many life-changing opportunities. They lack That will of hard work; their comfort zone wins over opportunities. Most of the time, they even get comfortable with negative and problematic situations. Why? Because they don’t want change. If you want to do better than your current situation, always embrace change, don’t hesitate. 
  • Lack of gratitude: they think the world is working for them; lack of appreciation is a sign of arrogance. They have nothing to offer and will act as you owe them something. Showing gratitude and saying thank you is considered a weakness by them. Nobody wants to be associated with such people. They complain of one thing that you haven’t done for them instead of being grateful for another thousand things. Therefore, maintain your distance if you know someone like that. Acknowledging everything good in your life opens a door of abundance for you. 
  • Lack of curiosity: Have you ever wondered why a child is always up to one or the other thing, even though they don’t have to deal with the difficulties of life? Because they are always curious, they want to know something. To evolve, you need to keep learning, but you can not learn if you don’t have curiosity. Lack of curiosity leads to ignorance, and ignorance will always contribute to poor decision making. If you are rigid in your thought process, you will not gain something. To gain recognition and differentiate yourself from others, one should never stop learning new things. So try to bring motivation and curiosity, I’m sure you will never regret it. 
  • Giving up on things easily: Unsuccessful people find it easy to give up things they find difficult. At the same time, some people say it’s difficult to complete certain tasks or wait for something precious. Well! Do you know what’s more challenging and harder? Regret. When you give up today, after a few years when you will not have the things you always wanted, you will be left with one thing: regret. Unsuccessful people don’t think about hard work; they love their comfort zone too much to give up. Hence they give up in the end. If you want to reach somewhere, stay away from them and be consistent with whatever you want to do. 
  • Not accepting their mistakes: we all are humans; we are bound to make mistakes. In our journey to success, we will gain some and lose some, but you need to recognise where you went wrong. Accept your mistakes, know where and why you went wrong, and only then will you rectify them. Sorry is not a bad word; it’s an asset to resolve issues. But unfortunately, unsuccessful people don’t recognise it; they find it weak and cowardly to accept mistakes; they think they have to be perfect and can not make mistakes. And that’s where you need to stop recognising such people. Sorry might not change something sometimes, but it shows your character; it shows how much you are willing to rectify and value someone. 
  • Blaming others when everything bad happens: There might be some circumstances where you are not to be blamed, but most of the time, your situation or problems result from your action. No, we are not saying you are a failure or a bad person because of circumstances but not accepting and taking responsibility for the situation is a bad habit. If you don’t get a job, it doesn’t mean there are no, or some are obligated to give you one. No, you might not have tried enough. Accept and try harder to be successful, don’t adopt such a habit of blaming others.
Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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