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Facts, and more about Daria Medvedeva you need to know

Daria Medvedeva is a Russian actress who was born in the United States. Daniil Medvedev, a well-known Russian professional tennis player, is married to Daria Medvedeva. She played a key role in Daniil Medvedev’s career, and the two just married. Before deciding to marry, they dated for four years. Her better game is credited to her by her husband. He claimed Daria to be his good luck charm.

She has appeared in films in Hollywood. On October 29, 1995, she was born in Moscow, Russia. As of 2021, she is 26 years old. Her parents’ names are not stated here. She is a well-known actress with a social media presence. Her husband frequently attributes his more enjoyable gaming to her. Daniil Medvedev and Daria Medvedev were together for four years before deciding to marry.

Facts to know about Daria Medvedeva

• She is a resident of Moscow, Russia.
• According to Daniil Medvedved’s storey, she instilled confidence in her spouse, Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedved.
• She was a competitive tennis player when she was a teenager. She discontinued playing tennis after suffering a series of injuries.
• She was a former top-100 junior tennis player.
• Following her tennis career, she pursued a career in journalism.
• She went to Moscow State Institute of International Relations and Lomonosov Moscow State University for her education.
• Daniil and she moved in together in 2014. They made their home in the French town of Antibes.
• In 2017, she and Daniil relocated to Monaco’s Monte Carlo.
• On September 12, 2018, she married Daniil.
• She and Daniil visited Paris, France, in November 2018. On May 26, 2019, they paid a visit to Brach Paris, a 5-star Parisian tourist hotel.
• On August 18, 2019, she saw Daniil defeat Serbia’s Novak Djokovic at the 2019 Western & Southern Open at Mason Family Tennis Center in Mason (Ohio, USA).
• On November 8, 2020, she was present when Daniil defeated German Alexander Zverev at the Bercy Arena in Paris.
• On February 21, 2021, she was present as Daniil lost to Djokovic in the men’s singles round of the 2021 Australian Open in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. After the match, Daniil violently shattered his racquet. As she gazed at her husband, the television cameras cut to her.


Daria Medvedeva Net Worth

Daria Medvedeva’s net worth is estimated to be about 10 million dollars. She works as a model and actor and earns money from her acting ventures.



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