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Gautam Adani becomes India’s richest man! Surpasses Mukesh Ambani!

Industrialists have always hit the news and their performance is increasing year after year. They are working very hard to get the post of the richest man in Asia and now after so many years the post has been taken from Ambani and this businessman made it to get the title now. On Wednesday, Adani Group’s Chairman Gautam Adani hit the headlines, and also many people who came across the news were completely left shocked. 

They always had very tight challenging scenes where both the famous industry and one of the most famous personalities not only in India but also in the entire continent have been competing to get the title. He now becomes the richest man in Asia and as soon as the news was available all the social media platforms, as well as many famous magazines and media channels, started posting about it.

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He hit the headlines after getting this amazing title for the first time ever and as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index data,  on Wednesday the magazine noted all the business industrialist network including Ambani’s total net worth at $91 billion and that of Adani at $88.8 billion. Nevertheless, the year-to-date change in the net worth of Ambani stood at $14.3 billion. Talking about Gautam Adani, he was at $55 billion and according to the Moneycontrol report attributed, Adani Enterprises’ group market cap catapulted Gautam Adani. 

This helped Gautam Adani and his company to now emerge as Asia’s richest man and surely it is a very good time for him. He is seen coming past Mukesh Ambani and also many previously predicted that he would be soon overcoming Mukesh Ambani and will be taking his post and title of not only India’s but Asia’s richest man. The website stated that Ambani has been holding the top rank in Asia since the year 2015 and Adani’s wealth has grown in multi-folds. Adani’s wealth has grown to such an extent that he has now surpassed Ambani and is now holding the top rank in Asia. 

Well, from the last few years, especially after the blockbuster performance of his renewable energy company, Adani Green, on Indian bourses he has been coming up in the list. Talking about Ambani’s net wealth, he has been dented a bit after the cancellation of the Reliance-Aramco deal. Also, RIL recently officially announced the cancellation of its demerger of O2C business as Aramco who was expected to invest 20 percent in this de-merged business. Also, has decided to re-evaluate the proposed investment.

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